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Proudly serving Businesses, Consultants and Independent Contractors in all industries across North America. Specialists in Factoring, Trade Finance and Asset Based Loans.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses like yours since 2006, accounting for hundreds of millions of dollars annually in financial support.

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About  Us


We’ve helped thousands of businesses like yours, since 2006, with cash flow solutions accounting for hundreds of millions of dollars in financial support every year. Our executive team brings over 60 years of business ownership, leadership, and working capital experience




Factoring and Merchant Cash Advances give your business immediate cash flow to help with payroll, marketing, taxes, buying inventory and taking up discounts, without incurring debt.

Your business can flourish without having to pledge any personal assets as security

We constantly assess your needs so our growth finance solutions evolve with you. We pride ourselves in being entrepreneurial, fast to act and honest in our dealings. Your success is our success. Call to discuss your business needs with any of our experts.

We’re experts in Working Capital Finance, Factoring, Purchase Order Finance and Asset Based Loans. We’ll support you every step of the way providing you with stability and value for money. We provide the finance so you can grow your business.

A Message from the President

Welcome to Prosperity Funding, an innovative provider of finance and service to small and mid sized businesses across North America. As a potential partner, we're determined to fully understand your needs and serve you to the best of our abilities. You can count on us for a fast, flexible and professional service at all times.

Click here to meet the team. The Prosperity Team are ready to support your growth.

Eric Feinstein, President

Our Services

Get your invoices paid today! Factoring your invoices is an easy way of generating cash flow for your business immediately. No need to wait or chase your customers.

Asset-based loans help businesses who hold inventory and/or Process goods. Approval is quick and focus is placed on your business assets not financial position/credit scores alone.

We can support you expand your product offering by financing goods purchased from your domestic and overseas vendors

A wide range of options exist that are designed for your specific needs. These can include


Prosperity has been an invaluable part of the workflow’s GH needs. Their flexible and “make sense” approach to invoice funding makes growth a lot less tedious and the relationships that have been formed really go a long way in creating a mutually beneficial partnership. We can see a lot of industries benefiting from the low amount of Red Tape Prosperity has in their funding process! Mr B, GH Inc

​If you are a company battling with your bank for an over advance on a holiday week, payment of back taxes, money for new client growth opportunities, special invoicing needs or help with a potential acquisition, then you're exactly where I was when I found Prosperity Funding. With their help, we have been able to grow over 312% in 4years. I highly recommend Prosperity to any business owner looking for a true financial partner. ​Mr P, President – HA LLC

​I was attracted to Prosperity because of the backgrounds the company’s principals. The VP had owned and operated a staffing business and Prosperity was founded by a business owner that fully understood the struggles and cash intensive nature of the industry.  Prosperity’s defining virtue is their responsiveness and their willingness to support my business growth. President, CS LLC

Our company opened its doors in 2011 and we began our relationship with Prosperity in 2012. We credit Prosperity with helping us grow our business to the point where we were able to enter a more traditional financing arrangement with a bank at the end 2015. With all that said, I highly recommend Prosperity Funding to any company that is growing quickly and needs to reliably fund that growth. Mr M, CEO/President, AS INC.


We’ve developed exceptional relationships with professional advisers, consultants and business associates. We pride ourselves on delivering the best solutions that meet the diverse needs of all stakeholders. Please contact us below to discuss our market leading programs.  


For over 10 years, Prosperity Funding has developed a nationwide broker network. If you refer us a client, you will earn a recurring monthly income.  We have a higher than industry average closure rate, so why refer a deal anywhere else besides Prosperity Funding?

If you would like more information on our broker program, 

please register here 

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- We’re fast , entrepreneurial in our approach and focused on delivering solutions

- Our reputation and experience enables us to offer you the best options available


 - We’ll take the time to fully understand your needs in offering you a market leading quote.

 -  With our loyalty program you can lower your costs as you utilize more of our services.


We’re more than providers of cash flow solutions:

1. Staffing and Payroll services are available across America allowing you to focus on winning contracts and growing your business.

2. Business Credit Building – paying vendors on time, taking up early payment discounts or paying off loans all help to improve your credit rating for future financing needs.

3. Cost Management – use accelerated cash flow finance to arrange early payment discounts, pay off expensive loans or buy back equity.

4. Business support – our back office support and financial services help you focus on growing your business.


- We look beyond your credit score and/or financial statements alone.

- Funding solutions exist for clients in all industries across North America.

- We’ll also support your purchases from overseas with our Purchase Order Finance program.

Privacy Policy: We will protect and safeguard your information and only use it for the purpose of evaluating and conducting financing transactions and making credit decisions with you. We will not share your confidential information with any third party (other than credit gathering organizations) unless you have given us permission to do so.

1040 Bayview Drive

Suite 415

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

(877) 367-4249

(815) 550-1922


Welcome to Prosperity Funding, an innovative leap forward in service, flexible funding and competitive pricing structures. At Prosperity Funding, we understand that a funding relationship should represent a true partnership. With that in mind, we have designed specific working capital solutions …

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