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Acquisitions and buy-outs

Confidential and Credit Protection

Seasonal borrowing requirements met

Benefits are numerous including

Leverage all your assets to finance your goals. Asset-based financing helps businesses who hold inventory and/or Process goods. Like Factoring, the approval process is quick. Focus is placed on your business assets not financial position/credit scores alone. This allows you to focus on growth with a financial partner at your side.

We can support from $500,000 to $20 million.

Finance Inventory for Just in Time orders

Asset Based Loans

Funding grows with your business

Flexible finance for New Equipment

Growth with New Products and Markets

Maximum cash flow against outstanding invoices, Inventory and Plant/Equipment

Finance New Equipment

Win customer orders with extended credit payment terms

Overseas expansion 

Take up early payment discounts 

Operational and Financial turnarounds 

Are you ready to rev up your funding process?

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Welcome to Prosperity Funding, an innovative leap forward in service, flexible funding and competitive pricing structures. At Prosperity Funding, we understand that a funding relationship should represent a true partnership. With that in mind, we have designed specific working capital solutions …

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