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Staffing and Support Services – working capital finance and payroll services

Cash flow is key when you have payroll, contractors and independent consultants to pay. Factoring Invoice Finance provides you with a quick, simple and effective solution to your business finance needs

Many businesses are now outsourcing business operations to professional service providers like you, rather than employing in-house teams. While these contracts are attractive, cash constraints may limit your ability to deal with slow payers, extended terms or multiple projects. Invoice Finance Factoring solutions can help you when the banks can’t Growth supported without onerous banking restrictions 

1. Growth supported without onerous banking restrictions

2. Start up expert advice and growth finance options

3. Turn-around situations supported that focus on your business assets

4. Business acquisitions with straight forward and focused finance solutions

How will Factoring Invoices help me?

The lack of cash flow is cited as the main challenge for Staffing & Support businesses today. Our experts will get you the best Factoring solution

To ensure payroll and daily expenses are paid on time

Contractors and consultants are paid on time to avoid business interruption 

Allowing you to bid on multiple contracts with the confidence that you will always have the cash-flow

Offer your customers attractive credit payment terms winning you more contracts

No need to press your customers for early payment

Multi-national overseas contract finance managed

No need to draw cash from personal funds, friends or family

No need to incur debt or loans that are often secured on personal assets

No need to sell/dilute equity to grow your business

Here is how Working Capital Finance and Factoring works

Full Back Office Support

Cost Management – use accelerated cash flow finance to arrange early payment discounts, pay off expensive loans or buy back equity.

Credit Building – paying supplier vendors on time and paying off loans all help to improve your credit rating for future financing needs.

Fast & Unlimited financial support so you can focus on business growth





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Our Staffing and Support Services is more than just cash flow solutions

  • Complete payroll services and payroll tax administration
  • World class payroll systems, with complete front & back end capabilities
  • Billing Services on your behalf, in your company name & logo
  • Direct deposit, pay cards and payroll services for employees
  • Payroll tax filing on your behalf and W-2s at year-end
  • Online payroll reporting with payroll journals, tax withholding histories, garnishment and deductions

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We’ve helped a huge variety of support businesses grow and prosper including:-

  • Nursing & Care 
  • Real Estate 
  • Inspection  
  • Dentists 
  • Retailers 
  • Grocery stores
  • Car & Automotive
  • Consulting
  • IT Contractors
  • Government Contract
  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Administrative Staff
  • Food Processing
  • Security Services
  • Telecoms
  • Appraisers/Valuations
  • Training
  • Hair & Beauty Salons
  • Health Care & Spa
  • Architects/Design
  • Construction
  • Packaging
  • Hotel/Accommodation
  • Florist
  • Environment services
  • Medical practices
  • Engineering
  • Distribution
  • Furniture

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