What Are the Elements of a Healthy Corporate Culture?

Ours is a society that constantly reminds us how unhealthy we are—but gives us plenty of ways to be unhealthy. We’re fed oversized portions and offered wide arrays of convenience and snack foods. Our food supply is chock-full of dyes and preservatives. We have endless media distractions that encourage us to sit in front of a screen rather than move around throughout our world. And many of us work sedentary desk jobs and skip our breaks—th [...]
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How to Gain an Edge on Large Recruitment Firms

When competing with staffing firms that surpass you in size, you can take steps to compete in other areas. First, you must understand what sets your firm apart and who your target market is. Also, it’s important to recognize that bigger is not always better—and use that to your advantage. Here’s what you need to consider. To compete with staffing agencies that dwarf you size-wise, you can stay nimble with the following options: &nbs [...]
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How Invoice Factoring Supports Longevity in Staffing

Are your collections out of control? When you need cash on hand right away for advertising, rent, utilities or other business expenses, you have two options: Either apply for a business loan or seek funding support through an invoice factoring company. Business loans can eat up time as you wait for review and approval of your application. That’s why many staffing agencies look to a factor when cash flow is tight. Here’s why. How [...]
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Does Your Staffing Agency Have a Plan to Retain Clients?

This summer, don’t get left behind. For staffing agencies, the summertime months tend to lag in terms of client retention. Your goal should be to make your clients trust you and value your services—so you can avoid customer turnover, and even win new business. You can practice five important safeguards to keep revenue flowing into your staffing business as the mercury rises on your thermometer. Try any of the following five strategies to [...]
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Strategies for Using Data in Recruitment Decision Making

You’ve probably read or heard about it, or maybe you even currently use it. Big Data is more popular now than ever before, thanks to improvements in reporting technology. Data analytics can help your staffing company improve its candidate search process—including time and quality—as well as increase client satisfaction with your services. But it takes the right software and knowledge of data analysis to get there. Is your firm re [...]
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What Is Your Agency’s Unique Selling Proposition?

To succeed in the competitive industry of staffing, you need to stand out. Of course, you must first offer a great service your clients can trust. But since that’s what everyone is trying to do, it isn’t enough. To stand out in the minds of your customers, you need to identify what makes you different from every other staffing company out there, and own it. In fact, by attempting to be the best at something no one else is attempting, y [...]
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How Important Is the Candidate Experience?

A strong hiring process is vital to your recruitment success. But it also impacts the reputation of your staffing agency. This is why you should take pains to ensure the process is positive and focused on the candidate: The easier and more pain-free, the better for everyone involved. Why is this so important?   Benefits of a strong, positive hiring process The experience of your candidates builds your brand r [...]
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Qualities to Look for When Recruiting Staffing Customer Service “Naturals”

Good customer service is a smart way to set your staffing business apart from your competitors. You may find that your staffing model or market doesn’t differ all that much—so your service model can be where you shine. And to reach new level of service success, it helps to have the right talent in place. Some candidates are simply born to help others, possessing the natural skills that make them a custom-fit for your customer service team. [...]
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The Qualities of a Strong Payroll Funding Company

Sometimes your staffing company may need increased cash on hand—and a payroll factoring company (also known as invoice factor) can help. From time to time, you may find your working capital tied up in unpaid invoices when you need funding for payroll, advertising or other expenses. So when you’re shopping around for a factor you can rely on, what qualities should you be looking for?   Just like with any business relationship, it [...]
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Six Ways to Increase Your Staffing Sales (by Focusing on Your Existing Clients)

Acquiring a new client is more costly than retaining an old one. And it’s much easier to upsell a current customer who’s familiar with, and loyal to, your staffing company. So even though your sales strategy may focus on attaining new business, you should also strive to work with the clients you already have. To keep your sales revenue flowing, it can help to follow a few smart sales tips. As you work to keep your sales funnel full, [...]
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Does Your Staffing Agency Have a Plan for Unexpected Costs?

From time to time, staffing firms may run into cash flow shortages. Since clients aren’t invoiced for services until your agency has found and placed a suitable candidate, your business may have fluctuating income. And on top of this, you still need to fund payroll, rent and utilities, advertising and supplies on a regular basis. So when an unexpected business expense pops up and you need cash on hand, many staffing firms turn to invoice [...]
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Looking for Referrals for Alternative Lending Options

Prosperity Funding, Inc., based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, is looking to connect with Accountants and other Finance Industry Professionals.  Do you have clients that are running into cash flow issues due to clients paying slow, or banks restricting their credit lines?  Could they use a flexible funding source that relies solely on the strength of their clientel [...]
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Ten Ways to Boost LinkedIn Recruitment Results

  LinkedIn is at the center of today’s recruitment efforts. Though it isn’t the be-all and end-all, it’s one of the most popular and efficient ways to find candidates with the skills your clients are looking for. So it’s important to harness the full power of LinkedIn to maximize its use in your recruitment efforts. We’ve compiled our top ten LinkedIn tips to help you get the most from this valuable resource. T [...]
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Best Practices for Social Media Recruitment

To maximize their recruitment efforts, some firms are adding social media recruitment to their strategy. Since most job seekers frequently visit social media sites, such as LinkedIn, having a social media presence allows you to connect with candidates in a cost-effective and modern manner. Still, to get the most out of social media recruitment, it helps to follow a few best practices. To successfully incorporate the use of social media [...]
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Payroll Support: Why Your Staffing Firm Might Consider Outsourcing It

Back office work can be tedious—and rob you of the time you need to run your business. But of course tasks such as payroll, invoicing and financing are just as essential to your staffing business as recruiting candidates to fill your clients’ needs. So what if you could leave back office chores to the experts? What benefits could that afford your staffing firm? Five key advantages of outsourcing payroll and back office respo [...]
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Help Your Staffing Agency Stand out (to Sell More and GROW)

It’s important to stand out from your competition. You need to differentiate yourself so you’re the natural, go-to choice when customers need staffing services. But how do you do it? After all, you must figure out why consumers should choose your services over those of your competitors so you can use this as a selling point. It might be clear what makes you different, but what if you’re not sure? What can you do to set yourself a [...]
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How to Prepare to Complete an Invoice Factoring Application

  Invoice (or Accounts Receivable) Factoring is a way to help business owners keep up with increasing cash flow demands. It allows a business owner to turn a commercial accounts receivable into cash within 24 hours, to provide working capital, and helps save time and money. To maximize the benefits of receivables funding, it helps to understand how it works, what a factoring company is looking for when choosing to work with you, an [...]
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Prosperity Funding – Staffing Specialists

  Are you looking to place a difficult staffing funding deal?  Prosperity Funding brings over 30 years of prior staffing ownership and operations experience, combined with over 60 years of experience in funding for small businesses.  We've helped hundreds of temporary and contract staffing firms, government contractors, and related service based businesses with funding support. We are happy to pay refe [...]
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The Importance of Staffing Networks in Professional Development

  Staffing networks and professional recruitment associations can help recruiters do their jobs more easily. That’s because participation in these groups allows you to network and learn from other recruiters. Also, it’s important for you to stay current and keep up with staffing trends. By joining staffing networks and associations, you’ll receive updates that will make this virtually effortless. In addition, these groups off [...]
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Growing Pains? What May be Going Wrong with Your Staffing Agency.

    Has your staffing business plateaued? Although this is normal in the growth of a business, it’s also an indicator that you may need to impart some changes to remain profitable. You’ll need to explore your data to determine where your business is stalling, and then decide on your next source of growth. Here’s what you should consider. Four reasons for delayed business growth When you first op [...]
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Your Customer Relationship and How That Impacts Time to Pay

  Your budget and your cash flow are both affected by the timeliness of your clients’ payments. Not to mention, it can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing to have to remind a client that a payment is late. Assuming your billing practices are solidly in place, you have other means to encourage your staffing customers to pay promptly. First and foremost, you can work on your customer service. Why customer experience i [...]
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What Else Can Your Funding Partner Help You With?

  Your staffing firm is the most successful when it’s able to run within budget. This means all departments—from marketing to payroll—are meeting their goals. If this is the case, you’ll be able to maintain both internal and external staffing functions. You’ll be retaining your internal staff, while continuing to supply your clients with high-quality candidates, and attending to their service needs. When everything falls [...]
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Hot Mobile Recruitment Trends to Watch

  We are quickly becoming an exclusively mobile-driven society. As mobile technology evolves, so too does our reliance on smartphones and mobile devices as portals to the Internet and all electronic communications. According to an article by Forbes Magazine, “more job searches take place on mobile devices than on the desktop and two-thirds of email is read on mobile devices.” As a staffing firm, it’s important to stay ahead o [...]
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Should You Put Your Clients or Employees First?

  Your main goal is to sell your staffing services and increase your company’s profits. So what is the best way to do that? Should the majority of your energy go towards pleasing your customers, or pleasing your employees? The classic answer has been to please your customers, first and foremost; but in today’s marketplace, there’s a growing focus on how employee satisfaction drives business success. It can help to review the [...]
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How to Build a Qualified Talent Pool During a Talent Shortage

  Depending on the industry, qualified workers can be hard to find. In fact, a 2014 study conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI) revealed that 35 percent of employers surveyed were having difficulty implementing one-half of their corporate strategies due to staffing shortages. And recruiters are not immune to this staffing shortage—wh [...]
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Your Staffing Prospects Don’t Need YOU—They Need Your Services: Rethink How to Sell Staffing

  The customer is always right. Despite the vision you may have for your staffing company, it’s important to note this one simple truth in business. Companies that embrace this and make it the center of their sales and service philosophy usually experience high levels of customer satisfaction, repeat sales, long-term customers and overall business success. If you ignore it, you’ll always be able to say that you ran you [...]
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How to Audit Your 2016 Staffing Funding Needs

  Working with a skeleton crew makes it tough to be successful. You need a large enough talent pool to meet the staffing needs of your clients. And you also need internal employees to keep your staffing business running smoothly. So to forecast your staffing costs for 2016, you’ll need to accurately predict how many workers you’ll need in the new year. With careful planning, you’ll be on track to keep your staffing within bud [...]
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How Should the ACA Be Impacting Your Bill Rates?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) can have a substantial effect on staffing agencies, depending on how many workers you employ. The ACA requires employers with 100 or more full-time or full-time-equivalent employees to offer a minimum level of healthcare benefits at a cost that the ACA deems affordable. If an employer fails to provide these benefits, it will be assessed a fee per employee. This rule impacts many staffing agencies, where the ne [...]
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5 Steps to Perfecting Your LinkedIn Sales Strategy

  Social media is important in today’s business climate to make connections, increase market awareness and establish your brand. LinkedIn offers additional benefits because with its business focus, you don’t compete for attention with cat videos or corn bread recipes. Here are five steps to take to leverage the unique social environment of LinkedIn to increase your staffing sales.
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Looking From the Outside in: Does Your Staffing Firm Need a Business Consultant?

  Have you ever tried to proofread a business document you wrote? It’s difficult to see the errors you may have made because you may be too close to your own work. Can't see the forest for the trees.  You mind fills in any blanks. The same goes for your staffing business. Often you are so caught up in the daily grind of getting things d [...]
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How to Overcome Your Staffing Firm’s Talent Shortage Through Funding

  Talent is your most valuable resource. But, in times of talents shortages it can be difficult to compete for the best people. But with a solid strategy and the right funding resources in place, you can keep both your talent and cash coffers full. Consider these tips to overcoming talent shortages by partnering with a Read More... Tags:, , , , ,
Q4 2015: Marketing Tips for Staffing Firms

  There are plenty of ways to get your business’s name out to the masses. Billboards, mailing campaigns, television, radio and newspaper ads have all been used in the past, but it’s 2015 now. Maybe your business should consider some more up-to-date marketing ideas? No single strategy is likely to completely make or break your business o [...]
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7 Steps to Building Better Relationships with Passive Job Candidates

  They’ve been called the Holy Grail of recruiting. They’re highly sought-after, highly valuable, and easily spooked: the passive candidates. Passive candidates are already employed, often highly valued in their current positions, and possibly even happy in their roles. Recruiting [...]
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Stop By the Prosperity Funding Booth for ASIS 2015

  Looking forward to seeing you at ASIS 2015 International Seminar & Exhibit in Anaheim! Stop by Booth# 2184 and discover how Prosperity Funding can empower you to run and grow your business!  Whether you are looking for funding only or funding with back office support, Prosperity can provide a [...]
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Three Tips for Building a Profitable Niche Staffing Firm

  It’s no secret that more and more staffing companies are finding a specific niche upon which to focus. Especially for smaller companies which don’t yet have the resources to compete with larger firms in terms of scale when offering services on a broader, general demographic, a specific focus on a single area can offer higher profit ma [...]
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FAQ’s Regarding the NLRB’s Joint Employer Decision in Browning-Ferris

  On Aug. 27, the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB or board) issued a decision that overturned decades of settled law regarding whether an employer and its contractors could be considered joint employers of the contractor’s employees under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The new legal standard will have implications for all employ [...]
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How Does Credit Factor into a Staffing Agency’s Success?

  Sufficient cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, especially a small one. Problems with cash flow are especially compounded for a staffing agency, where payroll must be met on a weekly or biweekly basis, yet you deal with clients who will often pay at much longer intervals – sometimes months. Some may even ask to work with you on a credit [...]
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Two Keys to Building a Sustainable Staffing Business

  Growth is a universal goal in business. Every company looks to sell more, do more and make more money, and staffing agencies are no different. It’s important, however, to grow in the right way. Too much growth too fast can be unsustainable, and you can lose control of the quality you offer to clients. You want to manage your growth to make i [...]
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ACA for Staffing Firms: Summer 2015 Update

  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act survived yet another major legal challenge in the second quarter of 2015. The Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the Fourth Circuit in King v. Burwell that allowed the outlay of tax credits to health insurance plans provided by both the state and the federal government.   The law’s [...]
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Can Social Networking Help to Grow Your Staffing Firm?

In recent years, social media has become part of the daily lives of average people, changing how we keep in touch with old friends, meet new people, share moments in our lives and complain about our favorite sports teams. It’s only natural that more and more staffing companies are looking to social media to help them establish their presence in the market and connect with potential candidates. Here are some of the benefits social media can [...]
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How Can You Prevent Your Client Pool from Shrinking?

  As a staffing firm, the health of your bottom line depends on the continued patronage of your most important clients. Even while your sales team is searching to make new connections and grow your business, it’s almost certainly the reliability of repeat business that keeps the doors open and the ligh [...]
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5 Ways to Save Time with Back Office Staffing Support

  Every staffing professional knows that working with a support company can save a business time and money and allow it to focus its attention on its core operations. This truth is the core principal of the staffing industry, but too many staffing companies fail to learn from their own sales pitch. You know [...]
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How to Finesse Your Staffing Sales Pitch

Unfortunately, you are not the only staffing firm that employers hear from. Some businesses report getting as many as eight to 10 calls a day! And on every call, hiring managers hear, "We're different. We care. We have a better process, better candidates." If you really want to capture their attention, you need to do three things – ask questions, create demand and prove your value. Why is asking questions so important? [...]
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Three Roadblocks Getting in the Way of Your Staffing Business

  Has your staffing business stalled? Every business faces challenges, and while no two situations are exactly the same, there are a few common issues that frustrate many staffing companies. While these problems may sound familiar to staffing industry veterans, they can seriously derail your business if left unre [...]
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How to Win Business Away From Your Competition

You know that your staffing firm is better than your competitor's, but do your clients? You'll have to do more than make the claim though, you need to serve clients in a way that distinguishes you from the rest of the pack and puts you in a position to win more business. Get Personal Minimize your use of generic marketing materials and [...]
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Time is Money. Make Smart Investments in Your Business

  Everyone has their own area of expertise. As a staffing expert, your time is most likely best spent working closely with employers to understand their needs and find the right solutions and people to fill them. It sounds pretty simple, but success at every step requires a large investment of time. Your g [...]
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How Automation Could Benefit Your Business

  In recent years, more and more staffing firms have turned to automation to generate a better return on investment for their marketing budget. By utilizing specialized software, online platforms or cloud solutions, companies can automate tasks, improve analysis of online interactions, and collect in-depth data [...]
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Six Mistakes You’re Making When Selling Staffing Services

  When selling staffing services, there’s no “one perfect method” for reeling in a prospective client. There are however, a few “worst practice” mistakes that are virtually guaranteed to miss. Don’t let these blunders torpedo a promising lead.

Some sales people will [...]

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Staffing Success: It is About Partnering with the Right People

No business exists in a vacuum – at least not a successful one. Choose the right people to partner with to assure your business health and long-term growth. Focus on relationships and value of service when creating business partnerships. The lowest bid does not always provide the greatest return on investment. Mind the gap. Assess your competencies and focus on them. Find vendor partners who are experts where you are no [...]
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Your Staffing Clients Aren’t Paying Their Invoices. What Should You Do?

  Dealing with slow-payers is one of the most frustrating realities of business life. But putting preventative strategies in place at the beginning of the business relationship and crafting a plan to remediate delinquencies on the back end can help to alleviate – or prevent –a lot of that frustration. [...]
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Liability Claims and Your Staffing Firm

  Liability claims are one of the biggest challenges for staffing agencies. The time and expense of addressing them and the dramatic impact they can have on your ability to do business – can make it hard to sleep at night. How can you prevent or handle these claims in a way that's best for your business? Miti [...]
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Staffing Competition Keep Beating You Out? How to Diagnose the Reason Why.

  Staffing agencies are often seen as a commodity by employers. It's up to you to prove them wrong and set yourself apart from your competition. If you're missing out on client opportunities, it's time to analyze what the competition is doing and how you can do it better. Do they find (and keep) bett [...]
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How to Get the Most Out of Your 2015 Budget

  The continued success of your staffing company rests on your ability to forecast budgetary needs for the next year. If you’re still in the initial execution stages with your 2015 budget, don’t worry; it’s not too late to form or execute your strategy. Even if you have your 2015 budget plan is underway, it may [...]
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When is it Time to Bring in The Experts?

  Staffing businesses grow when they are able to run efficiently within budget. When all departments—marketing, administration, payroll, operations, etc.—are accomplishing their monthly and yearly goals, a staffing firm will maintain its staff, win new clients, and keep current clients satisfied. Sometimes, i [...]
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4 Tips to Help You Win More Business

  The economy is coming around which can be a mixed blessing for staffing firms. On the one hand, the most talented people are probably employed, making it harder to find skilled people. But on the other, the challenge t [...]
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Three Mistakes Staffing Firms Make With Their Funding (And How To Avoid Them)

  As a business owner, you want your staffing firm to be successful. To help your company continue to grow and prosper, you may decide to rely on a funding partner for extra capital and/or payroll support. But which funding partner do you choose? Making a poor choice could rob your staffing busine [...]
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How to Develop a Growth Strategy Plan for Your Staffing Firm

  Your staffing business cannot succeed without growth. And this can only occur if you continue to win new customers, retain the ones you have, and upsell to these current clients. So what’s the best way to do this? Grow your staffing business by building relationships Most consumers buy based on emotion, and justify the purchase based on log [...]
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Are Your Recruiters Enforcing-or Hindering-Company Growth?

As a staffing firm, your goal is clear: supply your clients with best-fit candidates. The attainment of that goal is not as clear, as you must manage all the various functions within your company to work together as a well-oiled machine. A vital component in helping your clients meet their staffing goals is your recruitment team: they can either hind [...]
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Staffing Bill Rates–How to Set (and Negotiate) Them

Staffing can be a very profitable industry. Of course, in order to—literally—cash in on its financial benefits, you’ll need to become an expert at negotiating and setting billing rates for your clients. Your billing rates determine what your candidates will be paid and what your recruitment income (aka profit margin) will be. Tips for negotiating bill rates The key to negotiating is to reach a price that is beneficial for both parti [...]
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Staffing World 2014

  We at Prosperity Funding would like to thank the American Staffing Association for a great Staffing World 2014.  The show gave us a great chance to meet new staffing professionals, and to catch up with some of our clients and referral sources while there.  If you were one of the lucky few, we gave away lots of cash [...]
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Staffing Sales: Re-evaluating Your Value Proposition

  Without customers, you have no staffing business. In order to attract customers and keep them coming back again and again, your staffing company must give them a very good reason. A value proposition is a short statement that defines the value your business brings to the customer, and it is import [...]
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Scaling Your Staffing Business: Making Cents of It

Scaling your staffing company helps you increase your business revenue with minimal increases to your operating costs. To do this you’ll need to find more efficient ways to run your company. As the saying goes, it does take money to make money. If your operating costs increase by the same amount as your revenue, your business has grown, but it has not necessarily scaled. Tips for efficient business scaling To scale your staffing busines [...]
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Staffing Customer Acquisition: Strategies for Finding New Clients

The future of your staffing company depends on your clients. After all, without continued revenue, you have no business! You must swiftly sail past your competition and stay top-of-mind in the marketplace to gain and retain clients. Outsmart other staffing services with the following acquisition strategies:
  1. Narrow your focus. Appeal more completely to one specific industry and increase the demand for your services wi [...]
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Staffing Marketing Investments—What is Right for Your Firm?

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing plan. There is also no be-all-end-all campaign when you’re deciding how to market your staffing firm. Of all the many marketing techniques from which you can choose, it is likely in the best interest of your firm to employ several. This will increase the number of touch points you use to effectively reach your audience—and ultimately increase your client base. Build a multi-dimensional marketing stra [...]
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ASA Answers FAQs Regarding Affordable Care Act (ACA)

This article was written and shared with the express consent of Ed Lenz, Council for the American Staffing Association.  It answers many of the questions surrounding the Jan 1, 2015 implementation of ACA.  If you are not a current member of the American Staffing Association, I would strongly urge you to join (  1. What a [...]
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How to Set, Manage and Maintain Expectations in Sales, Management and Business

  A large part of running a staffing company — or any company, really — is managing expectations. Your ability to attract and maintain a loyal customer base, and keep a talented workforce hinges on your ability to set standards that people can believe in. This is what keeps customers returning [...]
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Time to Audit Your Payroll Processing Solution!

What is your payroll process? If you currently handle payroll functions in-house, you may be losing valuable time and money that can be better invested in other vital company functions, such as sales or marketing. Also, the cost of human error, or even non-adherence to Internal Revenue Service policies, could result in high-cost penalties. The bottom line? Outsourcing your payroll services—such as payroll funding, payroll processing, writing [...]
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Staffing Firm Management: Funding, Staff and More

How efficient is your staffing business? To achieve your annual and long-term goals, you need to maximize the funds you spend on staffing, sales and marketing to help ensure a continued flow of revenue. It pays to evaluate these key areas each quarter; if you’re not steadily progressing toward your goals, it’s imperative to make smart changes and adjust your business strategies accordingly. Evaluate your talent management, sales and market [...]
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Cater to Your Candidates and Improve Your Bottom Line

Creating a positive candidate experience can help you to attract and retain the best talent – saving you time and money on recruiting. The caliber of talent you provide and how quickly you are able to fill positions will land new staffing sales and keep your existing clients happy. Try these staffing best practices to grab – and keep – the interest of top candidates: Make it easy to learn about you. Build your company w [...]
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How Profitable Would You Like Your Staffing Firm to Be?

Profitability is at the forefront of every business owner's mind and the proprietors of staffing firms are no exception. Before you began your business you probably put a lot of thought into you business model – deciding how and what to charge your clients, techniques to prospect for new business, determining what business expenses could arise. But maybe now is the time to take it to the next level. Consider methods that can grow your busine [...]
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Robert Mocerino joins the Prosperity Funding Team

Prosperity Funding Inc. is  pleased to announce that Robert Mocerino (formerly of Sterling National Bank) has joined our team as Senior Vice President responsible for Government Funding and Operations.  
    Robert, a former entrepreneur,  brings with him over 30 years experience and a formidable knowledge base prov [...]
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Traits Your Staffing Firm Need to Be Profitable

You’ve started your staffing business for a reason — the generation of revenue. After all the hard work you’ve invested getting your company off the ground, of course you want it to succeed. Some staffing firms have it “heads and tails” above the competition, satisfying customers, expanding the business, and increasing profit margins, year after year. These firms all have certain traits in common. Does your company have what it takes [...]
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Have You Googled Your Firm Lately?

Your company’s online reputation is very important. It can mean the difference between a potential customer contacting you for staffing services, or passing you by for your competitors. For this reason, you need to keep a tight watch on internet “comings and goings” in regards to your staffing firm. You can do this in just a few easy steps. Strategies to monitor and manage your staffing company’s online reputation
  1. Do your own [...]
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To Grow Your Staffing Firm, You Need to Have the Right Team

It’s impossible for one person to run a staffing firm on their own. For that very reason, every business manager needs a good team to help run the show. However, it’s just as important to the success of your staffing business to have the right team in place. After all, this is the group of individuals who must work well together and bring out the best in each other. It’s vital to have members of sales, marketing, finance and recr [...]
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Stop Selling and Start Listening

Don’t give a sales pitch; have a sales conversation. This is infinitely important when selling staffing services to your prospects. Why? Because every business is different. You may think you understand the needs of a company, but always let your prospect explain their needs to you in their own words. You may find that you were right on the money, but you may also find that you were wrong. This will help you deliver exactly what a pr [...]
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Are Your Internal Processes Hindering Your Company Growth?

The most successful staffing companies run smoothly—inside and out. After all, time is money: it’s important to maximize the skills and efforts of all your employees. This allows you to efficiently produce the highest quality staffing services. When you can consistently meet consumer staffing demands, your business will most likely thrive. But, as a business owner or manager, how do you know whether your staffing firm has a problem with its [...]
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Five Things You Should Look for in a Funding Company

Would your staffing company benefit from financial support? In our current economy, staffing firms may be experiencing problems with cash flow, or difficulty with sluggish business growth. Reasons why staffing agencies look to lenders for financial support include the following:
  • Late client payments
  • Debt
  • Tax fees
  • Limited assets
  • Poor economic conditions
If you’ve considered a funding [...]
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Your Competitors: If You Can’t Beat Them on Markup, Beat Them on Service

Your clients are what make or break your staffing business. For this reason, sales teams go to great lengths to turn “browsers” into “buyers.” Closing a sale offers the promise of continued income for your staffing firm. But closing a sale is not always easy, particularly with prospects that are unfamiliar with your staffing services. Of the many methods used to close sales, ultra-competitive pricing is a popular choice, but may not be [...]
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Navigating the World of Payroll Processing

Could your staffing company benefit from outsourced payroll processing? It’s a question worth asking: outsourced payroll processing can save your company time, money and frustration. According to the Internal Revenue Service, one out of every three employers has been charged a penalty due to payroll errors; of course you don’t want to become a statistic. But is outsourcing payroll the right choice for your staffing company? Outsourced p [...]
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Are You Watching Staffing Sales Grow Stagnant Before Your Very Eyes?

Currently courting a prospect? Keeping in touch after you’ve opened a sales discussion is a bit like a balancing act: you need to be persistent without venturing into annoying. Don’t let your sales grow stagnant! Know how to regain a prospect’s attention and sell your staffing services. Five effective follow-up sales techniques
How to Pay the Game: Determining Your Firm’s Salaries

Salaries are one of the most important components of your employees’ compensation package.  People have worked for pay (either barter or salt or beer) for thousands of years.  Given that time span, you would think that establishing salaries for certain positions would be a less arduous and uncomfortable process. It is not. The “salary conversation” is one of the most dreaded aspects of the hiring process.  However, it is one of the m [...]
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Marketing or Sales? Which Should You Invest in First?

Which is more important to your company’s profit margin, sales or marketing? The short answer is: both. Of course, that doesn’t really help an employer who’s trying to allocate funds for future sales and marketing efforts. The key to effective, efficient sales and marketing is to center your efforts around relationships: both between sales and marketing, and with your staffing customers. The relationship between sales and marketingRead More... Tags:, , , , , ,
Common Staffing Sales Objections (and How to Beat Them!)

What is your biggest obstacle when selling your staffing services? Most staffing firms encounter the same sales objections again and again. You can help your sales team overcome common sales objections with just a little preparation. If they know what to say or do ahead of time, it will help them tremendously during the sales process. Here are several common staffing sales objections and how to conquer them:
Do You Know What Your Competition is Up to?

Even when your staffing firm is doing well (and especially if it's not!) it's important to be aware of what the competition is up to. Identifying your local or niche competition's strengths and weaknesses can help you to benchmark your own performance and develop strategies to capture market share. What are your top competitors doing right now? Focusing  on existing clients. It's more cost effective to keep an existing client t [...]
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The ACA’s Rollout – What Should Your Firm Be Doing Now?

Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act has been rife with delays. Employers and staffing agencies may be relieved by each postponement, but complacency can leave you unprepared. What should you be doing now to be ready for the ACA employer mandate on January 1, 2015? The American Staffing Association suggests that firms ask themselves the following questions:
Limited Budget for Your Firm? Strategies for Deciding Where to Invest Your Money.

When your budget is tight – from slowing demand, rising costs or the impact of the economy as a whole, it's tempting to take cover and keep your hand on your wallet. But as the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. The key is to spend it wisely. Running a successful staffing firm, like any other business, comes down to generating revenue and driving down costs. Here are strategies for each. Reducing Costs. Narrow yo [...]
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Completing Your Staffing Factoring Application? Here is what to expect.

Cash flow…in many ways, it is even more important than revenues, expenses or margin.  Without cash, you cannot pay your employees or take advantage of opportunities that present themselves on a moment’s notice.  Juggling cash flow demands can overwhelm even the best staffing firm owner.  However, there are solutions such as invoice factoring available to you However, with factoring, knowledge is power.  Here [...]
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Coaching Your Clients to Focus on Quality of Hiring, Not Only Quality of Hire

Quality of hire….it is the #1 most-repeated metric in the world of recruiting and staffing.  But, what if you forgot for a moment about “quality of hire” and had your clients shift their focus to “quality of hiring”? When considering the quality of a hire, a benchmark has to be defined.  That benchmark is usually defined by the average performance of that person’s peers.  But what if their peers’ “average” performance is m [...]
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Four Steps to Achieve Your Firm’s Goals in 2014

The New Year is a time for resolutions.  Most business owners – including staffing firm owners – resolve to grow their company.  You know what you want to do; just not quite how to do it.  Here are four steps you can take to achieve your firm’s goals in 2014. Plan Strategically If you run your business in a reactive manner, you are simp [...]
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The Recruiting Solution You Cannot Afford to Ignore in 2014

The search for top talent has hit a fever pitch.  For many companies, needed skills are hard to come by, and recruiters are not finding the talent they need simply by posting open jobs online, and then waiting for the talent to come to them. To succeed, you need to go where the talent is, and the talent is on their mobile devices.  Mobile phone [...]
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How to Choose a Payroll Company for Your Staffing Firm

Staffing firms are unique.  You provide a service, not a product. You pay your employees weekly, but can wait months to be paid by your clients. Your business can be highly seasonal. You do not have the typical types of collateral.  The list goes on and on. Therefore you need a payroll company that is financially sound, is competitively priced and is flexible.  In addition, you want a vendor that understands the nuances and uniqueness of yo [...]
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Social Recruiting – Building an Effective Social Recruiting Team and Strategy

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of social recruiting and the key role it can play in helping build a strong talent pipeline.  That last discussion focused on the “why”; now let’s talk about the “how”.  How do you go about building an effective strategy?  Like all strategies, you need the right people and the right plan: 1) [...]
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Social Recruiting – Do We Need It?

Candidates with key skills are in short supply today, and that is driving serious competition for top talent.  According to a 2012 McKinsey Global Institute report, by 2020, companies will be unable to meet the demand for 13% of high-skilled jobs and 15% of middle-skilled jobs.  This lowers productivity, making companies much less profitable. Therefore, as you look to staff top talent for your clients and build your recruiting pipeline, you [...]
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Sell More Effectively By Using “Parachute Stories”

Everyone has heard of a “golden parachute”, but what is a “parachute story”? Unlike a golden parachute, which is a guaranteed payment made to a corporate executive in the event of a merger or takeover; a parachute story is a verbal, mini-case study that provides proof of the business value you can deliver. Parachute stories are not case studies; they differ in several ways.  Unlike a verbally succinct parachute story, case studies pr [...]
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ACA Update: Who Will Staffing Firms Have to Cover Starting Jan. 1, 2015?

American Staffing Association (11/01/13) Edward A. Lenz, Esq., and Alden J. Bianchi, Esq.
The Obama administration's July 2013 announcement, delaying enforcement of the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act by one year, has affected not only when employees must be offered health insurance [...]
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Knowing When and Who to Ask Financial Advice From

When you are a staffing firm owner, the bank is often the first place you think of when looking for payroll funding.  Makes sense, because financing is usually generated out of banks.  However, just because your local community bank is considered a traditional means of financial support, it does not mean that it is the right option for your staffing firm. The reasons vary but include:
Are you Struggling to Fill a Job? Try Promoting Your Jobs on Facebook!

Some jobs are easy to fill; some are extremely hard to fill.  However, it is those hard-to-fill jobs that can provide your staffing firm with a much needed competitive advantage.  Clients who know that you can provide quality candidates for any job order will stick with you through thick and thin. Facebook can help you do just that by providing unparalleled access to a targeted mass audience.  Who wouldn't like that?!  This access is not f [...]
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Online Staffing – A Threat? Or an Opportunity for Your Firm?

Technology changes in a nanosecond.  New apps, new cloud computing models, new iterations of products are rolled out constantly, and the pace at which technology is morphing and moving and adapting is dizzying.  Whole industries – from book and magazine publishers to DVD manufacturers – are in decline, thanks to rapid technological advances.

Are rec [...]

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How Much do Your Benefits Matter?

In a recent survey, over 4,500 temporary workers were asked how they feel about the benefits they were offered by their staffing firm employers. The results were interesting but not really unexpected.  The temporary and contingent workers cited health-related insurance benefits as something they wanted/desired/needed. In fact, the workers were quite blunt, stating that their staffing firms needed to “offer them”, “expand them” or “s [...]
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Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing

Over the last year, staffing firms have been seeing greater demand for their services.  Preliminary numbers from the BLS show that temporary help services were up over 7% in August vs. a year earlier. Growth is expected throughout the year in both commercial and professional sectors. As demand continues to grow, you will need to focus more on your core business – working with clients, recruiting the best possible talent and sending workers [...]
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Generate More Leads with a Multichannel Sales Approach

To be successful in generating quality leads for your staffing firm, you cannot rely on a single channel.  Instead you need to use multiple channels.  This includes:
  • Phone calls
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Website optimization
  • Content
  • Online marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Public relations
  • Event planning
  • Branding
Lead generation is an ongoing process. [...]
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Looking to Grow Your Firm’s Profits? Then Call Upon Your Leaders

Audie Murphy enlisted in the U.S. Army as a private on June 30, 1942. At 5’5, 112 pounds, and 17 years old, he was undersized, underweight, and under age, having lied under oath about his date of birth. By the end of World War II he was an officer, and the most decorated combat soldier in the United States, having been awarded every single medal for valor available to him. He was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1945, after he single-handedly he [...]
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“We’re Letting You Go” – Knowing When You Should Fire Your Clients

When you’re first starting a staffing firm, you’re probably thankful to have any clients at all - you need that initial cash flow from whatever source you can find. And sure, at the beginning, you’re willing to put up with a lot just to keep your business in the black or close to it. But as you grow your business and become more successful, you solidify your position and grow your brand to the point where you don’t need to put up with [...]
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Training Your Sales Team to Identify a Prospect’s “True” Staffing Pain Points

When talking to prospects, one of the most important things you can do is identify their pain points. A pain point is a problem, real or perceived, that you can solve for a client or potential client. It’s the level of difficulty faced that forces a person to seek an alternate solution. Every business transaction is based upon pain points. Prospective recruits won’t tell what their pain points are though; they’re not just going to hand y [...]
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Sometimes to Take a Step Forward, You Need to Take a Step Back.

Every business would love to have steady, eternal growth. In the dreams of business owners, your company would just get bigger and bigger, delivering larger profits, without the worry of changing market forces, the whims of supply and demand, or any sort of human error.  Dream on, my friend!

The reality of the sit [...]
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How to Please Your Toughest Staffing Customers

Your staffing firm no doubt has many great clients, and a few clients who are tough customers to please. They feel that there is always some problem that needs your immediate attention, and it’s always your fault, even if it isn’t. But then you didn’t fix it quickly enough, or the solution you are able to offer isn’t good enough for them, or you fixed it the wrong way. Yep, you’re dealing with an, ahem, difficult customer. Even thoug [...]
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E-Verify Rules and The Impact on Your Staffing Firm

Staffing firms are especially affected by any changes in employment law. SB-744, also known as the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,” was passed by the United States Senate on June 27, and is now up for consideration by the House of Representatives. [...]
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Smart Tactics for Managing Your Staffing Firm’s Credit

When running a staffing firm, managing your available cash is a delicate balancing act. You have employee or contractor payroll to meet every week or two, but your clients are usually billed at much longer intervals. You need to be able to meet your commitments, but every dollar sitting in your bank account is money not spent growing your business. Therefore, it becomes important to manage your credit well, so that when you have the opportunit [...]
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Should Your Firm Invest in Content Marketing?

Are you wondering how to establish your staffing company as an authority in the industry and reach even more prospects? In today's social media culture, you must consider committing some of your marketing budget to content marketing. Content marketing is the creation and publishing of online content by a company to promote its products or services. This often takes the shape of a company blog or video series, with its focus not necessarily on [...]
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Motivating Your Clients to Pay Your Invoices on Time

All businesses have, at one point or another, come across clients who leave a lot to be desired when it comes to making payments on time and/or in full. You’ve heard all the excuses - economic downturn, an undermanned accounting department, their clients being late with payment - but you have working capital needs, pretty important ones. After all, a staffing firm does not have normal suppliers, who can deal with a late payment or two [...]
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A Strong Vendor Relationship is a Key Contributor to Your Growth

A client comes to your staffing firm for one reason - because your company has the experience, the knowledge, and the connections to find more highly qualified candidates with greater efficiency, than the client’s company has. You know that this transaction makes sense for both parties. Your company supplies a service to your client as their vendor, while they are able to focus on the parts of their business that they do best and are most pr [...]
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Pre-Employment Credit Checks – Why Your Clients Are Asking for Them

To match every position to the perfect candidate, a staffing company must acquire as much information about a candidate as it can. Employment histories, cover letters, education, and references are just a few of the things a staffing company will look at when considering potential hires. But increasingly, staffing firms are adding credit checks to their standard criteria for candidates applying to certain positions. Why use credit checks?Read More... Tags:, , , , , , , , ,
Customer Service: Integral in Your Firm’s Success

A staffing company’s success largely depends upon people. You deal with people at both ends of your business operations, from identifying and hiring recruits to working with clients who need personnel. It is absolutely vital that your staffing business has an effective, consistent customer service policy that covers a wide variety of potential issues. Ignore the cries of “it’s too expensive,” “we’re too busy,” or “we don’t nee [...]
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The Advantages of Company-Wide Community Involvement

No company exists in a vacuum, and especially not a staffing firm. You rely on outside vendors to help support your business, from maintaining your website and supplying your office supplies, to establishing and maintaining communications infrastructure. You have business lunches in local restaurants and you rely upon your local dry cleaner keep your professional attire clean. A staffing firm depends upon these supporting companies to be produc [...]
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Are Your Candidates “Clean”? What You Need to Know About Substance Abuse and Drug Testing in the Workplace

A staffing firm is constantly working with new people, bringing in those looking for work and finding them employment. This is often a win-win-win situation for your company, your client, and those looking for work, but it opens your company up to potential problems. A robust program of pre-employment drug screening and a proactive substance abuse policy protects your company, your employees, and your clients from the detrimental effects of an [...]
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Employee Handbooks: Good or Bad Idea?

Running a staffing firm requires you to work with large numbers of workers who are in various states of employment permanence, in a number of different work environments, with more employee turnover than most industries. Using an employee handbook can help deliver and reinforce a standardized message to those employees. An employee handbook also protects your business against lawsuits while also encouraging a more uniform and positive experienc [...]
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